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“STA Shows” Shanghai Theatre Academy Art Season - "Over the Wall” is staged at Great Theatre of China

13 May 2019

On 10 May, the youth edition of Over the Wall was successfully staged at Shanghai’s Great Theatre of China. As a major production presented by the College of Chinese Traditional Opera of the Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) during the “STA Shows” STA Art Season, the leading roles of the play were performed by the Year 2019 gradates of the Chinese traditional opera major of STA and the actors of the Shanghai Youth Peking Opera and Kunqu Opera Troupe.


The youth edition of Over the Wall was taught personally by Li Peihong, Dean of the Chinese Traditional Opera, and Zhang Jun known as the “Prince of Kunqu Opera”, and also received careful guidance from such famous Peking Opera teachers as Bai Yunming, Wang Mei, Tong Hang, Cui Hong and Wang Yue. Over the Wall creatively integrates many modern elements, reinterprets the classic play, and shows the unique charm of Chinese traditional Opera. In the theatre of the Great Theatre of China, the audience also gave a wave of applause and huzzahs.


Xie Wei, Party Secretary of STA, attended the performance. After the performance, he came on the stage where he gave warm greetings to the performers and staff members and expressed his appreciation and encouragement to the students for their wonderful performance.


Since the inception of the “STA Shows” STA Art Season, it has upheld the spirit of running the school with an open-door approach put forward by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, combining classroom teaching and artistic practice. Under the training mechanism of culture-education integration, the College of Chinese Traditional Opera has always strive for teaching excellence, organically combining individualized student training plans with specific projects. The College of Chinese Traditional Opera has set up the platform, which provides young actors ample opportunities to grow up and practice and also makes a useful exploration for the development of Chinese traditional opera in today's society.