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Shanghai Theatre Academy holds a seminar on script creation of main theme plays "National Flag" and "Serf"

8 May 2019

This marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and the 60th anniversary of Tibet's democratic reform. On 26 April, the Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) held a seminar on the scripts of two main theme plays “National Flag” and “Serf” in the Foxi Building. Huang Changyong, Deputy Party Secretary and President of STA, Yang Yang, Vice President of STA, and scholars and experts from relevant departments within and without STA, totaling more than 20 people, attended the seminar. The seminar was chaired by Zhao Yunying, Director of the Creation Center and Deputy Dean of the College  of Film and Television, STA.

At the seminar, Zhao Yunying first introduced the creative ideas and process of these two original scripts of main theme plays to the leaders and experts attending the seminar. Sun Zuping, Professor of the Department of Theatrical Literature, Shen Weiyuan, former Director of the “Dramatic Art” Editorial Office, Li Wei, current Director of the “Dramatic Art” Editorial Office, He Yan, Dean of the Department of Acting, Lu Ang, Dean of the Department of Directing, Yi Tianfu, Dean of the Department of Stage Design, Mao Shi’an, Vice Chairman of the Shanghai Critics Association, Vice Chairman Mao Shian, Director of Shanghai Wenlian Training and Guidance Center, Zhang Wenjun, Zhang Wenjun, Director of the Training and Guidance Centre ofthe Shanghai Federation of Literary and Artistic Circles, Li Shoucheng, former Director of the Drama Department of the Shanghai Municipal Culture Bureau, and Chen Jun, Dean of the Department of Theatrical Literature interpreted the practical significance, characteristics of the times, value implications and realization paths of the two scripts National Flag and Serf in the new era from different perspectives, and undertook in-depth discussions on the relevant issues of script creation, and put forward good comments and suggestions, which were of great value to further enriching and improving the contents of the scripts. President Huang Changyong and Vice President Yang Yang made important speeches at the seminar.

Creation has always been an important work in STA and, together with teaching and research, it constitutes the three pillars of STA’s development, which has been highly valued within and without STA. In recent years, STA has won the project approvals of the China National Arts Fund for many times, covering projects in different categories as such drama, dance drama, media communication and talent training etc, and a number of works have received the funding support of the Shanghai Cultural Development Foundation, including 14 main theme creations. This is both recognition and motivation.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the PRC and the 60th anniversary of Tibet's democratic reform. STA has launched these two main theme plays “National Flag” and “Serf” on and around these two important historical points of time. The Creation Center of STA should complete this composition with assigned subject with the cooperation of various departments and the concerted efforts of the whole school, thereby continuing to forge the cultural brand of STA and implementing the mission and responsibilities of a socialist higher education institution of art with works featuring the characteristics of the times and art.