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STA's No.1 Party branch of Party and administrative functions joins hands with International Students Office in launching a waste classification initiative

26 April 2019

In order to implement the Regulations of Sthe hanghai Municipality on Domestic Waste Management, actively respond to the work of the Shanghai Municipal Government to classify and reduce the amount of domestic waste, and create a civilized campus, the No.1 Party Branch of the Party and administrative functions of the Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) and the International Students Office of STA jointly launched an initiative for all teachers and students to take part in, aiming to to make the waste classification a new culture of civilization throughout STA, promote common development for teachers and students, and build a beautiful campus.


On 25 April at noon, the teachers of the No.1 Party branch of the Party and administrative functions and the international students gathered together in front of the Duanjun Theatre to proactively pass on the general knowledge of waste classification to the passers-by. The international students patiently introduced to teachers and students how to correctly classify the various types of waste commonly seen in daily life. They also distributed caring stickers with the pattern of green earth printed on them, and put on the green ribbons for teachers and students.


Shanghai Theatre Academy is the common place where all of us study and work. It is our common wish to create a clean and beautiful learning and working environment. It is hoped that this campaign will make everyone aware of the importance of waste classification and integrate the concept of waste classification into the daily work, study and life of every teacher and student, so as to make due contributions to improving the quality of our living environment and building a beautiful campus.