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Senior officials of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission pay an investigation and research visit to STA’s new Pujiang Campus

13 April 2019

On the afternoon of 12 April, Li Wei, Chairman of Shanghai Municipal Committee of China Education Trade Union and Deputy Inspector of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, He Pengcheng, Director of Finance Department of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, and party came to the new Pujiang Campus of Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) for investigation and research. Huang Changyong, Deputy Party Secretary and President of STA, Tang Lituo, Vice President of STA, Zhang Jiachun, Chief Accountant of STA, and the heads of relevant functional departments and faculties such as the Office of Party Committee, the Office of President, the Planning Office, the Academic Affairs Division, the Finance Department, the Capital Construction Division, the Procurement and Bidding Management Center, the College of Creative Studies, the College of Film and Television participated in the investigation and research.

The senior officials of the investigation and research group first came to the site of the new Pujiang Campus to check the construction progress, and then held an investigation and research meeting. At the meeting, Zheng Shuanghu, Director of the Capital Construction Department of STA, introduced the progress of the construction of the new Pujiang Campus. Cao Jianhua, Deputy Director of the Office of State-owned Assets Management and Director of the Procurement and BiddingManagementCenter, introduced the budget of the establishment costs of the Pujiang Campus and its implementation. Zhan Xin, Deputy Dean of the College of Film and Television, introduced the construction of specialized classrooms.

President of STA Huang Changyong expressed his heartfelt thanks to the leaders of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission for their ongoing care and support. He said that STA would strive to build the new campus in line with the requirements of building high-level universities, ensure the rational and efficient use of the establishment funding and ensure that the new campus is commissioned in September this year for the commencement of the new semester.

Chairman Li Wei said that the current task of STA is to ensure a smooth commencement of the new semester in September despite the tight schedule, heavy tasks and big pressure. He hoped that STA would focus on the goals of building a high-level university, allocate resources rationally according to the strategic layout of STA’s disciplines, uphold a sense of responsibility and mission, and mobilize the whole school to work together and do a good job in the deployment of the new Pujiang Campus.

The senior officials of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, STA leaders and participants from the functional departments of STA also discussed and exchanged views on the spot on matters concerning the further construction and improvement of the new Pujiang Campus.