International Exchanges

STA representatives attend meeting of China-Italy Cultural Cooperation Mechanism

27 March 2019  

On 22 March2019, Party Secretary of Shanghai Theatre Academy (STA) Lou Wei, Dean of STA Department of Stage Design and Director of STA Performance Centre Yi Tianfu and Professor of STA Sun Huizhu attended the second plenary meeting of the China-Italy Cultural Cooperation Mechanism in Rome, the capital of Italy. The meeting was chaired by Former Italian Deputy Prime Minister and the Italian Coordinator of China-Italy Cultural Cooperation Mechanism Francesco Rutelli. Chinese Minister for Culture and Tourism Luo Shugang, and Italian Minister for Cultural Heritage and Italian Minister for Tourism attended the meeting. Secretary Lou Wei also attended President Xi Jinping's meeting with Italian President Sergio Mattarella and listened to the speeches of the two heads of state.


President Xi pointed out that China and Italy have a long history of friendly exchanges, and the two ancient civilizations have always been a source of mutual attraction and mutual inspiration. The two sides should work out a blueprint for cooperation between the two countries, promote the construction of cultural centers and strengthen people-to-people ties. The exchange and cooperation between STA andPiccolo Theatre,  Italy's largest theatre, which has lasted for more than ten years, is a good example. Especially, the Peking Opera “Xu Guangqi and Matteo Ricci”, which has been performed twice in Italy, vividly reflects the friendly and complementary exchanges that have existed between the two ancient civilizations at both ends of the Silk  Road since ancient times. In his keynote presentation, Minister Luo Shugang made a special mention of the play. Director of Piccolo Theatre Sergio Escobar and Party Secretary of STA Lou Wei also mentioned the play in their speeches and expressed that further work will be carried out to polish and improve it.

In a private meeting afterwards, Party Secretary Lou Wei and Director Sergio Escobar discussed and agreed that on the occasion of the official performance of “Xu Guangqi and Matteo Ricci” in Shanghai in November this year, leaders of Piccolo Theatre and experts in dance, technologies, management and comedy performance would be invited to come to watch the performance and carry out teaching activities and, in the meantime, to finalize the specific plans for the performance tour of the play in Milan, Rome and other cities next year. In the future, in additional to further cooperation in the areas of teaching and research, STA and Piccolo Theatre will also act as the agent for each other's performance tours in China and Europe respectively to organize long-term performance exchanges.


On 23 March, Party Secretary Lou Wei and his delegation met with Adriano De Santis, Director of Italy’s National Film  School, and Paolo Carrino, board member of the school, to discuss the plans for exchange between the two schools in the next stage. Director Adriano De Santis will visit STA again in late April to teach classes.