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Contents of the 1st issue of Theater Arts in 2013

The Road to Poetic Realism
---On “Truth”, “Goodness” and “Beauty” of Chen Zhengming’s Directing Art

Yi Tianfu
Abstract: The present paper starts with discussion on “truth”, “goodness” and “beauty” demonstrated in Chen Mingzheng’s directing art, and then explores the origins of poetic flavor, powerful emotion and criticism expressed in his works. This paper argues that the “truth” of Mr.Chen’s directing art lies in his life logic, intellectual logic and art logic; the “goodness” is attributed to his social value and philosophic thinking; the “beauty” is expressed by the depicted characters, pictured time and space and poetic images. It is his relentless pursuit of “truth”, “goodness” and “beauty” that helps Mr. Chen accomplish poetic works.

Key Words: Chen Mingzheng, Directing Art, Poetic Flavor, Truth, Goodness, Beauty

Religious Background of Chinese Opera in Singapore and Malaysia

Abstract: Southeast Asia is of strategic importance for disseminating Chinese opera abroad, and Singapore and Malaysia in particular where we can see flourishing opera activities. Chinese religion and folk traditions in Singapore and Malaysia offer a hothouse atmosphere for transplantation and development of Chinese opera. The opera performance is an important part Chinese religious ritual of sacrifice and it has been ever since a long time ago playing a religious role in paying homage to the immortals and amusing souls. The opera performance given by Lorong Koo Chve City God Temple for celebrating City God’s birthday and the opera performance for Festival of the Dead Spirits in Malaysia are typical examples of the integration between Chinese religion and opera. In Southeast Asia, the religious background and religious functions of opera has been put in full play.
Key Words: Singapore, Malaysia, Chinese opera, Chinese Religion